Easy Maintenance Article for Newsletter

No Diving Necessary

Thanks to their design, construction, and carefully considered features, Hydrolox™ water screens are the easiest-to-maintain water screening solution in the industry.

Hydrolox screens are designed with zero serviceable underwater parts, such as foot shafts or bearings.  This speeds up repairs and completely eliminates the needs for dive crews and dangerous underwater inspections that require a screen and pump shutdown.

The modular construction of these water screens makes screen mesh maintenance easy and reduces repair time.  The limited necessary manpower - Hydrolox screens require approximately half the man-hours of traditional systems - allows customers to deploy their personnel elsewhere, leading to more uptime.

Hydrolox screens feature no side chains.  This attribute eliminates a labor-, time-, and capital-intensive wear component from traditional screening systems.

Compared to traditional screening systems, the innovative chainless design and unique material make Hydrolox water screens much more robust, less expensive to run, and virtually maintenance free.

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