• Chevron Carryway

    Rigid Frame Design Reduces Maintenance

    The stainless steel chevron patterned carryway is the backbone of the Hydrolox™ screen frame design. This pattern is just one design feature that lowers ownership costs by reducing maintenance and minimizing downtime.

    Easy Maintenance Article for Newsletter

    No Diving Necessary

    Thanks to their design, construction, and carefully considered features, Hydrolox™ water screens are the easiest-to-maintain water screening solution in the industry.

    11 Hydrolox Screens Installed at Thames Water, United Kingdom

    Thames Water, the largest water and wastewater services provider in the United Kingdom, selected 11 Hydrolox Series 1800 traveling water screens for their advanced water treatment works in Walton, London. This project was part of a series of eel and fish exclusion projects along the River Thames, conducted in November 2016 in order to comply with the U.K. Eels Regulations. This video illustrates how using Hydrolox screening solutions on this project cut back on labor costs, while reducing construction time and the impact on the environment.

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