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    No Diving Necessary

    Thanks to their design, construction, and carefully considered features, Hydrolox™ water screens are the easiest-to-maintain water screening solution in the industry.

    11 Hydrolox Screens Installed at Thames Water, United Kingdom

    Thames Water, the largest water and wastewater services provider in the United Kingdom, selected 11 Hydrolox Series 1800 traveling water screens for their advanced water treatment works in Walton, London. This project was part of a series of eel and fish exclusion projects along the River Thames, conducted in November 2016 in order to comply with the U.K. Eels Regulations. This video illustrates how using Hydrolox screening solutions on this project cut back on labor costs, while reducing construction time and the impact on the environment.

    New Video Highlighting Hydrolox Technology

    This new technology video illustrates and explains in detail the design and benefits of Hydrolox™ belts. Highlighting the innovative screen design and unique engineered polymer material, this video explains how Hydrolox technology can provide a powerful, positive change to intake screen performance.

    Suez Delaware Operations

    Abrasion Resistant Screens Deliver True Grit Solution

    SUEZ Delaware Operations’ water treatment plant near Wilmington, DE, provides clean, safe drinking water to roughly 100,000 people. Rated for 30 MGD (million gallons per day, or 113.5 million liters), the plant relies on traveling water screens to prevent leaves and small debris from reaching its pumps. SUEZ formerly used standard steel screens; however, sand and grit in the water supply routinely wore these screens down, needing frequent maintenance/replacement of gears and chains, and eventual replacement of entire screens.