• Hydrolox Polymer Screens vs. Steel Screens

    Our engineered polymer components and innovative screen frame design combine to produce traveling water screens with significant, measurable advantages over conventional chain and basket steel screens.

  • Major Screen Issues Steel Vertical Traveling
    Screen Problem
    Hydrolox Engineered Polymer
    Vertical Traveling Screen Solutions
    Limited Screen Life  Screen life is severely limited by highly abrasive environments. Uneven wear on basket chains causes mistracking and shortens screen life Engineered polymer screens are proven to last up to five times longer than steel.  The positive-drive system, which requires no chains and is driven by direct sprocket engagement, virtually eliminates uneven wear and mistracking.
    Maintenance Submerged moving parts increase maintenance and are not easily accessible. System contains no submerged moving parts and requires almost no unscheduled maintenance and downtime.
    Operational Costs Screens require frequent maintenance, including repairs that cannot be done on site. The modular design allows repairs to be made on site and lowers operational costs. Screens are designed to remain in the water year round.
    Corrosion Steel screening material is highly corrosive, especially in saltwater environments. Polymers do not corrode.
    Biofouling Steel components readily biofoul. Engineered polymer material is less likely to biofoul.
    Safety Heavy steel baskets are difficult to handle and can present safety hazards. System's compact design is approximately 40% lighter.  Lightweight engineered polymer material improves worker safety.
    Compliance System is difficult to seal and prone to fish entrainment. System ensures full compliance water screen regulations for aquatic life protection: Clean Water Act's 316(b), NOAA, NMFS, 2009 Eels Regulations (UK), Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), and 2015 Water Framework Directive (EU).  Smooth surface and tight seals minimize de-scaling.
    Debris Carryover   Enhanced design of the screen's spray bar has better mesh coverage to greatly reduce carryover.
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