• Hydrolox Vertical Traveling Screen substantially lowers cost of ownership for cooling water intakes and similar screening applications.  An innovative screen design and unique engineered polymer material deliver long lasting, cost-effective, virtually maintenance free performance.  These screen systems can be manufactured to order in virtually any width or length and configured for either debris handling only (vertical) or debris and fish handling (cantilevered).

    • Positive drive system distributes load across entire screen width.  Eliminates mistracking, uneven wear and extends system life.
    • No moving parts below the water. Maintenance performed at deck level. No need to pull out screen for general maintenance.
    • Patented boot seal with static shoe prevents aquatic life/debris from entering through bottom side of screen.
    • Screen can be installed into existing screen structure, with little or no civil modifications. Also designed to minimize costs for new civil engineering structures.
    • Ristroph-style fish collection buckets complies with fish impingement and entrainment regulations.
    • Patented debris-handling flights withstand impact from most debris without damage.
    • Cantilevered head section ensures accurate fish delivery.
    • Optimized spray bars virtually eliminate debris carryover.
    • Available in mesh top or flush grid screen material.

    Hydrolox screens are designed for cooling water intake and similar screening applications in the following industries:

    • Power Plants (Fossil, Nuclear)
    • Oil Refineries
    • Chemical Plants
    • Pulp & Paper Mills
    • Hydroelectric Power
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