Meet or exceed all regulations

Hydrolox screens were designed hand-in-hand with end users, consultants, and government regulators both to satisfy regulatory standards and address the shortcomings of existing screening technology. Thanks to their maintenance-free operation and smooth engineered polymer mesh, our screens have been recognized by government regulators in the U.S. and UK as the best technology available for aquatic life protection—and follow-up studies continue to confirm it.

Environmentally Friendly Features of Hydrolox Screens

  • Available in specific mesh sizes (<2 mm) designed to minimize impingement and entrainment
  • Cantilevered head section ensures accurate fish delivery
  • Patented, sealed boot section prevents aquatic life or debris from passing under the screen and eliminates moving underwater parts
  • Proprietary tensioning system eliminates guesswork and maintenance related to screen tension issues
  • Smooth, impact- and abrasion-resistant surfaces are fully sealable along the sides, noncorrosive, and easy to clean