Abrasion Resistant Screens Deliver True Grit Solution

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  • September 2, 2016

SUEZ Delaware Operations’ water treatment plant near Wilmington, DE, provides clean, safe drinking water to roughly 100,000 people. Rated for 30 MGD (million gallons per day, or 113.5 million liters), the plant relies on traveling water screens to prevent leaves and small debris from reaching its pumps. SUEZ formerly used standard steel screens; however, sand and grit in the water supply routinely wore these screens down, needing frequent maintenance/replacement of gears and chains, and eventual replacement of entire screens.

Plant officials wanted a screen solution that would last longer, perform more reliably, and reduce maintenance and cost of ownership. After researching their options, they chose the Hydrolox™ Series 6000 Vertical Traveling Water Screen. Made of abrasion resistant engineered polymer, the S6000 water screen relies on a tensionless system that eliminates chains and underwater moving parts while allowing for continuous operation. Hydrolox screens are backed by an industry-leading four-year warranty, which gave SUEZ added confidence in their decision.

"We were excited to find and test a traveling screen designed specifically for abrasive applications. The success we had with the first screen and Hydrolox's customer service and support convinced us to replace our remaining traveling screen with a Hydrolox screen."

Dan Barlow, Project Engineer, SUEZ Delaware Operations

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