Agreement Expands Global Presence of Hydrolox Water Screens

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  • September 11, 2023
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To expand their traveling water screen business to customers in Saudia Arabia, Hydrolox™ traveling water screens are now available to the region through a partnership with Al-Rushaid Group. This agreement allows customers in Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to purchase Hydrolox screens.

“For more than 15 years, Hydrolox screens have delivered extraordinary value to water customers in the U.S. and UK,” said Hydrolox Commercial Vice President Tim Woodrow. “Through our partnership with Al-Rushaid Group we’re excited to expand our offering to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and look forward to delivering our non-metallic traveling screens that provide extraordinary value with high reliability and low maintenance.”

With numerous industrial facilities relying on water intake, Hydrolox screens provide reliable, environmentally friendly screens that can handle extreme debris events and run virtually maintenance free.

“On behalf of Sheikh Rasheed Al-Rushaid and the Al-Rushaid Group, we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to partner with Hydrolox and the introduction of these transformative polymer screens to industrial plants throughout Saudi Arabia,” said Todd Pellegrin, Al-Rushaid Group Vice President of Offshore Oil & Gas Services. “Our high concentration of desalination plants, refineries, power plants, and other industrial facilities means that we have a multitude of opportunities to improve efficiency for clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Hydrolox screens are used in any application in which coarse or fine mesh screening protection is needed to reduce maintenance costs, protect downstream equipment to increase its uptime, and meet local regulations. By using a continuous engineered polymer mesh and eliminating metal drive chains and all underwater moving parts, Hydrolox screens dramatically reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity across all industries.

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